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How to work from home efficiently


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Today I’m showing a formula for which students can use for their learning success and which everyone can use for success in their life. 

Success= Productivity x Working time.

So; X= Y*Z.

You can use this formula for your learning subjects, but also for all other areas of your life in which you want to be successful.

In this article, I show you how to work from home efficiently. And how you can increase your productivity and your working hours. I will introduce you to 6 methods for each. So a total of 12 methods

These techniques are specially intended for people who want to achieve something or be productive despite their stressful everyday life. I believe that this formula will be a kind of guide for their learning style, especially for school and university students.

Then let’s briefly understand this formula. 

If your productivity (Y) is 10 (very good) but your working hours (Z) are only 1 (very bad), you will only achieve the success of 10. (10*1=1).

Conversely; with productivity (Y) is 1 and working hours is 10, you will only achieve the success of 10 again. (1*10=10).

However, our goals should be to increase both our productivity to 10 and our working hours to 10, we will achieve the success of 100. (10*10=100).

This article consists of 2 parts. First of all, I will show you 6 ways (methods) you can increase your productivity to 10. In the second part, I will show how the working time can be increased to 10. This too, using 6 methods. 

Get your tea, coffee, paper, and pen. Let’s dive in.


So the question is;

How I Set My Productivity To 10: 

1- Change your working atmosphere

If you continue to be in the same atmosphere, nothing will change. Let’s change the atmosphere with the help of little catchwords. 

The working zone. First,, clean up your desk and workspace. Bring this place into a clean state. If you can move your table, place it in front of your window. Your table should be pleasantly illuminated. Ideally, the radiation should come from the opposite side of your writing arm. If you write with the right, then the radiation should come from the left. Place your table accordingly. 

You can hang something in front of your desk or on the wall. A picture or something in more detail. Ideally, what you are dreaming of or your goal for which you are currently working. That can be a picture of the university that you want to study at one day. It can also be the place where you want to be at some point. 

You need to turn your desk into a more energetic, dynamic, and lively place. 

Then you should delete all the games on your mobile phone. Other programs or apps that you don’t use should also disappear. Instead of these pointless apps, you can get free to use scheduler or planner apps. For example habit, to improve your daily habits or to-do list apps. Download them. Even if you don’t use them. 

Do not forget! We try to change your working atmosphere completely. Later, turn off the T.V. No panic. You don’t miss a thing!

The time will come when you can watch the repetitiıns several times. You should also mute your notifications on your mobile phone. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc also. Everything that could bother you in the form of noise or vibrations should be switched off or muted. From now on you have a more specific daily routine.  From now on people will not be able to reach you if they feel like it. You decide when to contact, whom to contact, and which information will reach you. Make a list and write down what might distract you during the day. You are now in control of your daily routine and, accordingly, of your work. 

So let’s go straight to the second method. 

2- Start a day with a To-Do list

Discipline, discipline, discipline. Discipline is one of the biggest parts of success. Even if a task on your to-do list only takes a short time, you should still do it. If you want to be successful, you should make a to-do list for that day every morning. It doesn’t have to be very detailed. Less is more in this case. 3-5 tasks are enough that you want to master on this day. 

3- Learn to teach by others

Have you ever thought about what do people remember? Let’s look together:

  • 10% of what you have read.
  • 20% of what you have heard.
  • 30% of what you seen.
  • 50% of what you have seen and heard.
  • 70% of what you have discussed with others.
  • 80% of what you have tried yourself.
  • 95% of what you have taught to others. 

This means, that you should always keep this ulterior motive when learning. So you should learn in such a way that you could tell someone else at any time.

 If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. 

Albert Einstien

So imagine someone you like very much or imagine the person you really love. Put him or her in your thoughts at your desk and start everything you have learned or learn to tell him/her. Even tell him/her the things you haven’t fully understood.So you will understand in detail what exactly you did not understand. If you do that I promise you that you will discover a whole new page in your psyche. 

4- The Pomodoro Technique

In a nutshell; Work 25 minuntes, rest 5 minutes. At first glance this looks like a tactic to rest. But it is not! This technique actually helps you keep your concentration constant for 25 minutes. Always set your timer for 25 minutes and 5 minutes. Since your working time is now limited to 25 minutes at a time, you will want to do what you have set yourself as a goal as quickly as possible. 

It will help you!

5- Avoid Multitasking 

Multitasking means doing many things at the same time. My advice; don’t start working on several things at the same time. Just work on one thing. But multitasking also means the following.

For example, you get up one morning and first post a story on Instagram. This post will most likely keep you busy and dismissive. Why? Subconsciously you wonder who watched the story. That’s too distracting. Therefore, as best you can, turn off things that might distract you. To be successful, we have to focus on one thing. 

6- The Red Tree Technique

This is my own invention, but to be honest, I use this technique very often. At some time, I will write a single post and make a single video just about  this topic. 

Technique: Assume that you are in a forest to find a red tree. But the forest consists of so many trees, animals, and other interesting things that you sometimes lose focus and stop looking for the red tree.

At this moment you should immediately think of the red tree. And suddenly you realize again why you actually come to the forest. This means that you will pursue your goal again without letting yourself be distracted by the other beatiful things. 

Exactly the something happens when you study or work. You are researching something on the internet and suddenly something is distracting you during the research. Suddenly several minutes have passed and we have landed somewhere actually we didn’t want to go.

Lift your head and realize why you are in the forest. You are for the red tree in the forest and nothing else. Think of this technique as a free assistant that constantly reminds you of the essentials. 

Let’s move on to the variable Z. 


So on the subject of;

How You Increase Working Hours

1- Convince Your Roommates

I’ve seen that very often. Sometimes you hasve to be the father or moher to your own parents. Do not be sad. It helps you to mature faster. 

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Charles R. Swindoll

Now you should convince everyone at home that you have to study or work. They can be your parents or roommates. If you like, I can ever help you convince your parents or roommates of this. Even show or read them the following adress. 

” Good evening, I have set myself new goals and I plan to implement them. My request to you; is to suppport me in this. As you know, it’s hard to work in concert these days anyway. In order to achieve my goals, I would like your support. That is really important to me. Be it the loud T.V. sound or an unnecessary discussion that ignites anything could distract me. Therefore I ask you to take care. I ask you. Of course, we can talk extensively during my breaks or after working. My success in working is also largely dependent on your behavior and your support. I made this decision for my future. Support me in this endeavor. “

Hope it will help you. 🙂

2- The Fellowship of The Ring

Start a whatsapp or Line group with some of your friends. The group has only one rule: It is only allowed to use the learning or working material to be written. For example, write in the point at which you are stuck learning. Or write in what you understood to show off. Ask your friends: ”Guys, how do you see the topic?”

3- Create A Wall With Your Success

The wall should be divided into 10 areas. Each area stands for a day. This is where you record your daily working hours. If you are working on a task with many questions, you can also note the number of questions you have solved on the post-it. This has the advantage that it becomes a kind of game. It’s fun and helps you learn. Everyday you can then try to outbid your previous day.

4- Put On A Special Exercise Book

In this exercise book you should write down what you still want to do. Try to decorate this booklet and fill it with graphics. You can also use colored pencils. The aim is to learn or work on a playful level.

Short words about the clock: Don’t watch the clock. Be more like a clock and keep moving forward. 

Back to the booklet. You can also try adding emojis. For example, you can choose your own emoji for math. Or instead of using the word ”clock”, use the graphic of a clock. It looks like they were irrelevant details. However, this also raises learning or working to a playful level. 

5- Listen To Music

Music has the effect that it drives you. Sometimes with emotional and sometimes with stimulating music. No matter what music it is now. It helps you get started. 

6- Sometimes It Doesn’t Work, But Don’t Give Up! 

Life is not just black and white. You also have to understand that there is gray. 

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

Carol Burnett

Now I’ve got an extreme desire to work. 😉

Hope you feel same. Let’s stand up and take an action!


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